Why list your property with Wins?

Here’s why:

I work in my client’s best interest and give them my most honest and upfront opinion.

Provide a free home evaluation along with a seller’s handbook.

Expansive knowledge of the market and the trends on getting your property sold for the best price.

Extensive connections within the business to get your property marketed in the best way possible

Also a real estate investor that looks at opportunities in investment and ROI

Licensed mortgage agent to let you know how you can leverage your property and get mortgages to grow your investment.

No matter if you live in downtown Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill or any parts of the Greater Toronto Area. I would be able to give you an idea of the approximate market value of your property.

I look at the real estate market everyday, especially when it’s the area that I work in.

I’m aware of new listings are available, off the market, and most importantly I will know how much the property is worth and what it takes to sell.

My brokerage has over 37 years of real estate experiences with transaction, a network of over 500+ agents and also International ties to Hong Kong and China to market your property.

Worked with builders all over the Greater Toronto Area to market their projects.

Customer service is the most vital part of my business I work in my client’s best interest.

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Here is what I will do for you as your listing agent: 

  • provide a list of comparable properties that have been sold in your area
  • provide a list of property of current listings in your area that are comparable to yours
  • show you my marketing portfolio to show you how I will advertise your property. I feature your property listing on our company’s newsletter that drops 30,000 copies to local home besides putting it on the multiple listing service for other Realtor to see.
  • besides listing your home on the MLS for 400,000 other agents in Toronto to see your listing will also be listed on Torontolife.com, my personal website and other forms of social media in relation to real estate sales.
  • your listing will be advertised on social media and also be announced to my network of clients and Realtor
  • work with different home staggers, interior designers, photographers and marketing companies to advertise your home
  • show you a list of properties that I have sold and purchased for my past clients
  • my experience and continuing education will help you get the best price out of investment
  • worked with real estate developers in Toronto and Markham so I have exclusive information to make your property sell


Here’s a letter that I give to all my clients before I start listing their property:

I believe in keeping my clients informed about my efforts on their behalf. That’s why I wanted to share with you my marketing plan for your property.

Place a “For Sale” sign by the curb.

Take photographs of your home’s interior and exterior for display in brochures and online.

List your home with the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®).

Prepare a property brief with photos highlighting the most important and desirable aspects of your home.

Make this brief available to prospective buyers in my office.

Send this property brief to other agents in the area, along with a letter or call discussing your home’s strongest selling points.

Leave a supply of these briefs in a curbside display case in front of your home.

Implement a comprehensive Internet marketing strategy.

Install a lockbox to aid in showing your home to prospective buyers.

Prepare advertisements for your property and place them where they will be seen by potential buyers.

Send direct mailings to your neighbors, followed by a phone call, to enlist their help in finding a desirable new neighbor.

Prepare your home for showings.

Conduct individual showings of your home.

Conduct an “Open House” showing.

Follow up on all leads generated by our efforts.

Stay in touch with you.

Keep you updated on our efforts and local market conditions, to discuss possible ways to improve the marketability of your home and to listen to your input.

Don’t hesitate to contact me at 416-903-7032 if you have any suggestions or questions.

It’s my pleasure to help you achieve your real estate goals, and I’ll continue to keep you informed throughout the process.


Wins Lai



TOUCH IT UP: A finished, flawless paint job can enormously increase the value and attractiveness of your home! Spend some time checking the exterior and interior surfaces-as well as fences, banisters, etc.-and touch up any chipped or peeling paint.

BAKE, BAKE, BAKE: Research has shown that potential buyers are greatly influenced not only by the appearance of a house, but by its scent as well! Baking cookies or pastry before an open house or showing will fill your home with a warm, welcoming and comforting aroma that is irresistible to buyers!

TOUCH OF COLOR: In addition to providing a delightful and aromatic scent, fresh flowers brighten up your home and appeal to the buyer’s sense of aesthetics. Add a few arrangements in different rooms to add some color and cheer!

MIRROR IMAGE: Mirrors have long been used to give the impression of extra spaciousness in a home. Adding a few mirrors to different areas of the house-including hallways and bonus rooms-will make the house appear roomy and bright.

LANDSCAPE LUXURY: Paying special attention to your landscaping is absolutely crucial during the selling process. Keep your lawn freshly mowed, flower beds free of weeds, and add some additional outdoor lighting to brighten up the pathways.

Selling a property is a lot of work and can be very stressful. A good real estate agent should save the client unnecessary costs and also sell it as quick as possible with a good offer. Good real estate agents have strategies to make your property sell. If you are interested in selling your home feel free to give me a call. I would be happy to give you a free home evaluation.





*Not intended to solicit clients under contract.

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