642 Queen St W – Hair Salon For Sale + Retail Unit For Lease

Exterior of hair salon

Why choose this property for your hair salon?

642 Queen St W – Building Details

Address: 642 Queen St W, Toronto ON, M6J1E4

Neighbourhood: Queen Street West

Retail Area: 820 sq. ft.

List Price: $31,500

Lease Price: $2,900 per month + TMI

Agent: Wins Lai, Living Realty Inc., Brokerage

642 Queen Street West – Property Details

642 queen street west interior; hair salon with styling chairs and other items.

The interior is spacious, well-lit and looks brand new.

Dream of starting your own hair salon?

Then 642 Queen Street West may be the perfect opportunity for you.

The pre-furnished salon comes with everything you need to run a successful business, from spas and styling-stations to shampoo units.

642 queen st w basement

There’s also a large basement for storing equipment and other items.

Plus, its location on Queen Street West—home of the hip—brings with it plenty of foot traffic.

With a monthly rent of just $2,900 (and the potential to make money by leasing out space to the current owner) 642 Queen Street West has the right location, the right equipment, and the right price.

642 Queen Street West – The Space

Few hair salons are so spacious.

Few salons are so spacious.

At 820 sq. ft., 642 Queen St W has enough room for multiple chairs, sinks and styling stations.

The interior is modern yet minimalist, with light-purple walls, durable gray floors, and bright fluorescent lighting.

642 queen street west shelves, cabinets and drawers for styling products and accessories.

There are plenty of shelves, cabinets and drawers for styling products and accessories.

642 Queen St W also includes:

  • A spa room and sink
  • 2 styling-stations and 1 shampoo unit
  • Hair-dressing equipment and cash counter
  • Basement storage and washroom
642 queen st w hair salon waiting area

There’s even a lovely waiting area for customers.

Due to the versatile nature of the property, buyers can upgrade their plumbing to add more sinks and shampoo units.

This allows them to serve more customers, increase efficiency, and improve their bottom line.

Sink and shampoo station

The property comes with 1 sink and shampoo station, with the option of adding more.

It should be noted that the chairs, spa equipment, and mirror at the front entrance are not included in the sale.

Business Advantages of 642 Queen St W

Exterior of hair salon

Why choose this property for your hair salon?

Simple, because it’s already a hair salon.

All the hard work—from design to furnishing—has already been done for you.

That means you don’t have to waste money on expensive renovations or basic features like mirrors and extra outlets.

Photo of hair salon inside with everything ready for business.

This salon is business-ready on day 1.

Not only does this save you precious time and money, it also reduces the stress of starting your own business.

Another advantage of 642 Queen Street West is its well-established reputation as a hair salon.

For example, it has a website and Facebook page full of glowing reviews.

Another angle of 642 queen st hair salon

Customers already associate 642 Queen West with great service.

As a result, you don’t need to spend years creating a brand-new reputation. All you have to do is build on what’s already there.

Furthermore, the current owner is willing to become a tenant and rent out chairs and space.

This unique business opportunity means more money in your pocket, which you can use to pay down any startup costs.

About Queen Street West

Queen West and Spadina

Why is Queen St W the perfect location for a hair salon? (DXR, Wikimedia)

Several reasons….First of all, it’s a heavily-trafficked area, with plenty of pedestrians, buses and cyclists.

In fact, it has a perfect Transit Score and a 99% Walk Score.

People, streetcars and bicycles along queen st w

The neighborhood is often bustling with people, bicycles and streetcars (Copyright Queen’s Printer for Ontario, photo source: Ontario Growth Secretariat, Ministry of Municipal Affairs)

So having your business on Queen Street means you can expect a constant stream of traffic everyday.

Second, Queen Street West is also home to a huge millennial population. That’s important because these young professionals have money to spend.

Millennials from neck down

Millennials make up almost 76% of the local population! (Pixabay)

Third, Queen Street West has a global reputation for being hip and trendy.

According to Newswire:

Queen Street West is an internationally-renowned must-visit Toronto destination where art meets commerce.

Vogue named it the 2nd coolest street in the world, while The Culture Trip says it draws more tourists and locals than Queen Street East.

Gladstone hotel on queen street

Sites like the Gladstone Hotel are a magnet for visitors.

Basically, Queen Street West’s reputation for being cool is like free advertising, drawing local and international visitors to your doorstep.

The WOW Factor

642 Queen Street West exterior and several other buildings.

Locations don’t get any better than this.

642 Queen Street West has so much going for it. A spacious pre-furnished interior, additional room for massage chairs, sinks and styling units, and a low monthly rent.

Plus, you have the opportunity to lease out space to the current owner and save even more money.

Throw in a prime location on Queen Street West, with its steady flow of traffic and tourists, and you have all the elements of a successful business.

Want to know more about 642 Queen Street West? Check out this Virtual Tour or contact me below for more details.


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