67 Tamworth Rd – 4 Beds, 2 Baths + Rec Room – Leased

Address: 67 Tamworth Road, Toronto Ontario, M2N2N8

Neighbourhood: Willowdale (North York)

Type: Detached

Exterior: Brick

Garage: Attached (2 vehicles)

Driveway: 4 vehicles

Size: 1500-2000 sq. ft.

Bedrooms: 4

Washrooms: 2

Basement: Finished

Floors: Hardwood

Leased: $3,500 per month

Agent: Wins Lai, Living Realty Inc., Brokerage

About 67 Tamworth Road

Photo of driveway and house. The driveway is so wide that it can fit 4 cars.

67 Tamworth at a glance.

The first thing you’ll notice about 67 Tamworth is its rather enormous driveway. It’s wide enough to park 4 vehicles, and if that’s not enough you can easily fit 2 more in the garage.

Upon entering the home, you’ll be greeted with luxurious hardwood floors, carpeted stairs, and warm earth tones.

Photo shows home's inside. Because it has a side-split layout, we can see so man stairs.

The house has a “sidesplit layout” spread over 4 levels.

The hardwood floors are on full display in the living room. Stretching from wall to wall, they gleam in the sunlight which flows in freely from the large windows.

Image shows living room, hardwood floors, and rather wide windows.

Hardwood floors like these are the envy of every home.

Another living room highlight is the fireplace. While most fireplaces only heat one room, 67 Tamworth’s “double-sided” fireplace is installed between 2 rooms, therefore heating both.

Photo of fireplace. It heats up this room and the room opposite.

This two-way fireplace heats up the living and adjoining room simultaneously.

The Kitchen

67 Tamworth’s kitchen is rich in natural wood, giving it a classic look. An abundance of cabinets and drawers also means you never have to worry about space.

67 Tamworth kitchen. The same brown colour is in the cabinets and drawers, making it look rather classic.

The tiled-backsplash and countertop colours enhance the natural aesthetic.

67 Tamworth comes fully-stocked with a stove, fridge, microwave and range hood. In addition, the ensuite laundry includes a washer and dryer.


Image of master bedroom. The floors are rather dark, while the walls and curtains are less so.

Wide windows provide plenty of sunlight and great views.

67 Tamworth boasts 4 bedrooms, 2 on the second floor, 1 on the main level, and 1 in the basement.

The master bedroom is distinguished by solid hardwood floors, a large closet, soft colours, and matching curtains.

Like the master bedroom, the 2nd bedroom is very spacious. It has the same hardwood floors and ample closet, but the walls and curtains are less bright.

Much as the master bedroom, this one has rather dark floors, and the walls are less light.

While the master bedroom uses a soft palette, the 2nd bedroom aims for something darker.

The 3rd bedroom is characterized by the contrast of its light purple walls and deep hardwood floors. The semi-transparent curtains also add a nice decorative touch.

This bedroom's smaller size also makes it perfect for children.

This bedroom’s smaller size makes it perfect for children.

Finally, the 4th bedroom is located on the main floor. Instead of hardwood, this one uses parkay flooring to stand out.

Picture of the last bedroom. The use of parkay is most noteworthy, since others use hardwood.

Note how the parkay floors complement the brown baseboard and window frame.

Other highlights include a large closet, matching wall and curtain tones, and a window overlooking the backyard.


Photo of one of the home's two washrooms.

The main bathroom is a sophisticated blend of materials and colours.

67 Tamworth has a washroom and a powder room. Located on the top floor, the washroom is luxurious yet practical, with several cabinets, elegant tiles, and a bathtub.

Powder room is rather rich in white and purple. So much of it has tiles.

Use the powder room to prep yourself for everyday or special occasions.

Meanwhile, the powder room is an exquisite mix of white and purple tones. 2 large mirrors make it ideal for inspecting your attire before work or on social occasions.

Rec Room

67 Tamworth also has its own rec room, so families can enjoy game-night or invite friends over for some fun.

Rec room with carpet and furnace. Almost all of it is covered in carpet, while the walls have wooden panels.

Want to turn the rec room into an entertainment center? With so many outlets, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Here are just some of its most noteworthy features:

  • An old-fashioned furnace set inside a brick enclosure
  • Thick broadloom carpet and wooden wall panels
  • Extra-long windows and curtains
  • A fridge and storage closet


In this photo we can see the huge backyard. So much of it is grass and trees.

This backyard is perfect for sports, barbecues and family activities.

No house would be complete without a backyard.

The one at 67 Tamworth seems more like a park, with tons of trees, grass, and plenty of room to play.

About North York

A picture of downtown North York.

Downtown North York (Image Credit: PFHLai, Wikimedia)

67 Tamworth is located in Willowdale, North York, an affluent neighborhood known for its gorgeous multi-million dollar homes.

Because of its upscale surroundings, the house is in a very safe part of Toronto, making it ideal for families.

One of Willowdale’s greatest strengths is its diversity. Immigrants make up almost 66% of the population, with Chinese being the largest ethnic group at 17.3%.

Photo of Chinese food, plate and chopsticks.

With a thriving Chinese population, you’ll be eating out often. (Image Credit: Pixabay)

As a result, Willowdale is home to an amazing variety of multicultural restaurants, including French, Italian, Chinese, Indian, and more.

Other Location Highlights Include:

Photo of Empress Walk from outside.

Catch a movie or do some shopping at nearby Empress Walk, a condo complex and mall in one. (Image Credit: GDT Aquitaine, Wikimedia)

The WOW Factor

Picture of 67 Tamworth's driveway and front lawn.

This could be your new home.

With 4 bedrooms, 2 washrooms, a fireplace, hardwood floors, and a massive backyard, 67 Tamworth has everything you could want in a home.

Then there’s its location. Safe, prosperous, and teeming with schools, parks, restaurants, retail, and world-class transit, North York is one Toronto’s best neighborhoods.

All of this makes 67 Tamworth the perfect place to raise a family.

Want to learn more about 67 Tamworth? Contact me below for more details!


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