Rosedale: A Profile of Toronto Neighborhoods

Photo of Rosedale mansions and greenery.

Rosedale is known for two things: nature and magnificent mansions (Pexels)

An Introduction To Rosedale

According to Sotheby’s, the world-famous broker of luxury goods and real estate:

Rosedale sits on a stately throne, lauded as one of the most highly-priced neighbourhoods in Canada.

TorontoLife says that moving into Rosedale is “an incontrovertible signal that [you’ve] made it.”

Mansion Global describes Rosedale as “an affluent and desirable neighborhood favored by Canada’s elite.”

Wealth, status, sophistication—Rosedale symbolizes all that and more.

Image of man in fancy clothes holding cigar and phone. Shows how Rosedale is home to Canada's elite.

Rosedale is home to lawyers, doctors, politicians, actors and athletes (Pexels)

In fact, the average Rosedale house sells for $2.5 million, while the average individual income is $420,000.

Historic mansions, tree-lined streets, picturesque ravines, plentiful green-spaces, and amazing schools—Rosedale is the envy of Toronto neighborhoods.

Here’s what makes it so attractive….

Rosedale: History and Character

Roses and stem close up.

A Rosedale by any other name would smell as sweet… (Pixabay)

Named after the wild roses that grow there, Rosedale is one of Toronto’s oldest and wealthiest neighborhoods.

It was founded back in 1826 and is famous for its lavish Victorian-era mansions.

Mansions and nature in Rosedale Toronto.

The neighborhood also boasts extravagant Georgian, Edwardian and Tudor-style homes (Robert Jack, Flickr)

Although Rosedale lies in midtown, it connects to all the major arteries of Toronto. This includes Bayview to the East, Yonge to the West, and Bloor to the South.

The streets of Rosedale are quiet and uncongested, with scenic greenery, ravines and parks.

Black and white photo of Chorley Park

Chorley Park, 1926 (John Boyd, Wikimedia)

It’s also home to countless cul de sacs, arching bridges and weaving roads, all of which add to its beauty.

Real Estate In Rosedale

Another photo of mansions in Rosedale

In addition to natural riches, Rosedale is also rich in luxury real estate (pxhere)

According to Mansion Global, houses in Rosedale cost between $900 and $1000 per square foot.

Most homes are single-family residences dating back almost 100 years (some are closer to 200).

The architecture ranges from Victorian and Georgian to the less common Edwardian and Tudor.

Trees, bushes and Victorian mansions

Victorian mansions are a common sight in Rosedale (Pixabay)

Detached houses fetch an average of $2.8 to 2.9 million, while semi-detached homes are a steal at $2.5 million.

Christie’s, another broker of luxury goods and real estate, provides even higher figures:

You need at least C$3 million to buy a home, though most homes cost around the C$5 million mark.

Photo of a rather large house and front lawn.

Properties like this would easily sell for over $3 million (Pixabay)

Why are Rosedale houses so expensive?

Because they’re large, beautiful and historic.

For example, you’ll find magnificent redbrick mansions, period architecture dating back to the 1800s, and epic 3-storey tall structures.

Redbrick mansion in Rosedale and also other houses on side.

Classic redbrick house and garden in Rosedale (Robert Jack, Flickr)

Many properties have over 4 bedrooms, multiple baths, large attics, finished basements, indoor gyms, and huge front and backyards.

Then there’s the location….

Schools in Rosedale

Middle School sign

What impact does education have on Rosedale’s property values? (Pixabay)

The size and scope of Rosedale real estate is one reason for their high prices. Another is the quality of its schools.

As Mansion Global explains:

But the biggest attraction is the schools… Rosedale has and is close to sought-after independent and state schools… It’s what draws families to the area and brings people together.

So education—not giant mansions—is what makes Rosedale such a desirable and family-friendly neighborhood.

Photo of kids in class

The neighborhood is home to some of the best public and private schools in Canada. (pxhere)

For example, the Fraser Institute gives Rosedale Junior Public School 8.7 out of 10 on its annual report card.

Furthermore, TorontoLife describes Rosedale as a “nexus of great schools” and gives it a 98.6% rating for education.

Other notable institutions include Rosedale Heights, an arts-based school which Macleans calls one of the best in Canada.

There’s also Branksome Hall, a private school for girls with classes ranging from JK to grade 12.

Outside of Branksome Hall school in Rosedale Toronto

Branksome Hall is over 100-years-old and home to several heritage buildings (SimonP, Wikimedia)

Sotheby’s praises Branksome’s state-of-the-art gym, two pools, yoga studio, rooftop garden, and emphasis on healthy living.

Speaking of healthy living….

Parks and Recreation in Rosedale

Ravine with water and trees

The neighborhood is famous for its ravines and nature trails (pxhere)

Rosedale is overflowing with greenery, from towering trees and colourful gardens to immense parks and trails.

Take the iconic Rosedale Park, which has 8 tennis courts, a baseball diamond, an artificial ice-skating rink, and a playground.

Plaque showing Rosedale Park in Toronto as place of first Grey Cup game

The park made history by hosting the first Grey Cup game back in 1909 (Oreo Priest, Wikimedia)

It also hosts Mayfair, an annual spring celebration consisting of food, music, games, rides and other fun activities.

Cyclists and nature lovers feel right at home in Rosedale Ravine Trail. It whisks them away from the bustle of city life and surrounds them in a forest of leafy green.

Bike trail with trees and grass and bicycles

These trails are perfect for couples and families (Pixabay)

The 8 km long trail is home to bubbling creeks, diverse flowers and wildlife, and 150-year-old trees.

Other green-spaces include Witney Park, Lawren Harris Park, Chorley Park, and Moore Park.

Other Location Highlights:

TTC bus stop and subway in Rosedale Toronto

Rosedale TTC Station, one of several nearby transit options (Secondarywaltz, Wikimedia)

  • Moordale Community Centre offers a wide range of clubs and programs, including swimming, ballet, soccer, skiing, music and Yoga
  • Places to eat include Seven East (Asian cuisine), Sorrel (French-Mediterranean fusion) and Terroni (Italian food with rooftop terrace)
  • Places to shop include Chance & Fate (luxury women’s fashion), MacPherson Toy House (children’s boutique) and Room 2046 (men & women’s clothing)
  • Rosedale is also home to Scrivener Square, with retailers selling gourmet chocolates, fine foods and fresh produce
  • 93 Walk Score, 91 Transit Score and also minutes away from the Don Valley Parkway

Luxury Without Borders

Flags of different countries like US and Canada and Germany and France and so many others.

Rosedale is a popular real estate destination for international investors (Pixabay)

The grandeur of Rosedale’s mansions, the quality of its schools, and the beauty of its green-spaces attracts buyers from all over Canada—and the world.

In fact, more and more international buyers are moving into the neighbourhood.

The largest group is from mainland China…drawn to the area’s schools and its proximity to the University of Toronto.

Once again, Rosedale’s excellent education and family-friendly reputation are its greatest attraction.

The neighborhood’s outskirts are especially popular among wealthy Chinese immigrants, with many viewing Rosedale as a “prestigious district.”

As a result, Rosedale real estate is in increasingly high demand, with no signs of slowing down.

Interested in buying a home in Rosedale? Contact me below for more details.


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