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Skyline of downtown Toronto

5 Toronto Neighbourhoods To Invest In Before the City Returns To Normal

Overview: A List of 5 Toronto Neighbourhoods To Invest In Before the City Returns To Normal While COVID has inflamed Toronto home prices, it’s actually made some neighbourhoods more affordable. As Properly explains: Real estate is hot everywhere in Toronto, but with downtown dwellers looking for more space and more affordability, home values in areas on the outskirts of the…

World flags depicting foreign investors from different countries.

A Foreign Investors Guide To Buying Toronto Real Estate [Updated 2022]

Overview: a foreign investors guide to Toronto real estate, with advice on taxes, mortgages, rebates, down payments, location, property types, and more. Then you’ve come to the right place. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know, from basics such as who can buy real estate in Canada, to more complex issues such as taxes, legal hurdles…

Toronto skyline showing condos and streets.

The Future Of Toronto Real Estate Post COVID-19

Overview: a forecast of Toronto’s housing market post COVID-19, including home sales, prices, freehold properties, condos, the impact of vaccines, and more. As of May 1, 40% of Toronto adults have received their first dose of the COVID vaccine. That number is expected to accelerate, with the government setting a target to vaccinate everyone by this September—a mere 4 months…