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Pedestrians crossing street in Queen West in Trinity Bellwoods.

Neighbourhood Profile: Trinity Bellwoods Toronto

Overview: a guide to Toronto’s Trinity Bellwoods neighbourhood, including its history, geography, cuisine, retail, recreation and more. About Trinity Bellwoods Trinity Bellwoods is bordered by Bathurst on the east, College on the north, Queen West on the south, and Dovercourt on the west. At its heart lies Trinity Bellwoods Park, a 38-acre green-space that runs the entire length of the…

galleria on the park 3d render

Neighbourhood Profile: Dovercourt Wallace Emerson Junction

Overview: a guide to Toronto’s Dovercourt Wallace Emerson Junction neighbourhood, including the best shops, restaurants, cafes, schools, and more. About Dovercourt Wallace Emerson Junction Dovercourt Wallace Emerson Junction. Why such a long name? Simple: for demographic purposes, the area of Dovercourt Park was amalgamated with Wallace Emerson and Junction Triangle. According to Toronto.com: The west-end Toronto neighbourhood…is not far from…