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View of Toronto skyline from Lake Ontario.

August 2020 Housing Market Report: The Hot Streak Continues

Overview: a look at the GTA’s August 2020 Housing Market numbers, with insights on home prices and listings, detached home vs condo sales, the ongoing impacts of COVID-19, and more. Our last market report examined Toronto’s record recovery and ended with the following statement: If the July 2020 Housing Market numbers have one clear message, it’s that Toronto real estate…

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July 2020 Housing Market: Toronto’s Record Recovery

Overview: an in-depth look at July 2020 Housing Market and the dependability of Toronto real estate, including record-setting home prices, sales and new listings—despite the COVID-19 pandemic. In our 2020 Spring Market Forecast—at the height of the pandemic—we asked a simple question: Is Toronto real estate immune from economic uncertainty and health panics? It turns out the GTA housing market…