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Buying a home is one of the biggest decisions you can make in life.

Is the house or condo new? Is it in a good neighbourhood? Is there easy access to transit? How are the schools? What fees should I be aware of? Is it within my budget?

With so many questions, it’s easy to feel confused and overwhelmed.

That’s where I come in. As a professional realtor, my job is to remove that fear and answer those questions.

In addition to multiple awards and 10+ years of experience, I bring an unrivaled knowledge of the Toronto real estate market.

I know what house or condo is right for you and your budget. I know which neighbourhoods have the best schools, restaurants, shopping and nightlife. And I know how to get you the best deal.

When you work with me, I make sure the entire process of buying your new home is easy and anxiety-free.

Skill Set of an Award-Winning Real Estate Broker

Here’s what sets me apart:

  • Unmatched Expertise: I analyze the market every day and keep up with the latest in Toronto real estate news. I know what listings are available, new rules and regulations going into effect, and any tax credits that will save you money. Most importantly, I know how much a property is worth.
  • Local Knowledge: From bustling Bay Street to the cultural enclaves of Chinatown and Little Portugal, every Toronto neighbourhood is unique. My knowledge of the local housing market means I can find you the perfect home in your ideal neighbourhood.
  • Negotiation Skills: I’m a tough negotiator who always makes sure you get the most value for your money. By comparing previous listings on a property, I identify the true market value so you never overpay.
  • Strong Network: I have a power network of lawyers, home inspectors and contractors. They help me ensure that your home is in tiptop shape and assist with any legal or financial matters.
  • Jack-Of-All-Trades: I also bring an array of other skills, including legal, marketing and tech. I use the internet and social media to gather info and generate leads, and I can put together an offer and explain any technical jargon in simple terms.
  • Great Communication: Communication isn’t just answering calls or emails; it’s about responsiveness. I answer all questions, explain every detail, and reply to your inquiries on time. Furthermore, I give regular progress updates and never keep you in suspense. In addition to English, I also speak Mandarin and Cantonese.
  • Client-First Mentality: I put my clients above all else. Because you’re busy, I work around your schedule. I’m also proactive, finding opportunities rather than waiting for them. Finally, I show the utmost professionalism and use my experience to serve you better.

My Process: What Can You Expect?

When you hire me, I take all the work, responsibility and stress from off your shoulders and put them on mine. I become your personal guide and adviser, walking you through every step.

First, I ask questions and understand the type of home you want to buy.

Do you want a house or condo? Where do you want to live: downtown, midtown or the suburbs? What do you look for in a location: great schools, fine dining, nightlife, or a combination of things? What are your must-haves and what can you live without?

I also try get a sense of your budget and whether your bank has approved you for a loan.

Then based on your answers, I offer advice that best meets your specific requirements.

Finally, I lead you through the actual buying process, explaining everything so you never feel blindsided or unprepared.

I search for your ideal home and neighbourhood, follow every lead, communicate regularly, and serve as a liaison between you and the seller.

When you find a home you love, I negotiate aggressively on your behalf with the listing agent.

Price, terms, conditions, extras, and closing dates—I make sure you get the best deal for your money.

Things To Do Before Buying Property: Mortgage Approval & Pre-Approval

Canada recently hiked its mortgage rates, while Toronto introduced several new regulations that raise the bar for home-ownership.

So it’s important for individuals, couples and families to know just how much they can spend.

Here’s a chart showing which homes people can afford relative to their income.

I also recommend talking to your bank’s mortgage specialist or visiting a mortgage broker. Many banks offer a special First Time Home Buyer’s mortgage and help you figure out how much you can afford.

Either way, see if you can get pre-approved for a loan and for how much.

And remember, it’s better to be pre-approved than pre-qualified.

Being pre-approved means having official documentation from your lender that proves your credit standing and defines the amount, rates, and terms of your loan approval.

On the other hand, being pre-qualified doesn’t involve any official verification of your income, assets and debt. As a result, there is no guarantee of actually getting a loan.

Things To Do Before Buying Property: Home Insurance

It’s important to protect your house or condo by insuring it. The good news is that if you already have car insurance, you can get a better rate by covering your home as well.

If you want to know the exact cost and level of coverage, talk to your bank or lawyer.

Condo buyers can also speak to their lawyer about the building’s insurance coverage. You can find this information in the Condominium Disclosure Statement or status certificate.

Another useful tip is to get personalized quotes from websites like or

These websites provide quotes for both houses and condos from multiple sources, so you can compare and choose the best.

Things To Do Before Buying Property: Home Inspection

Before buying an older home, a thorough examination of the property is highly-recommended.

The job of a home inspector is to check for the following:

  • Interior issues, including the bedrooms, washrooms, kitchen, attic and basement
  • Exterior issues, including cracked walls, garage, siding and door frames
  • Plumbing, heating, cooling, smoke alarms, and electrical issues
  • Grounds and landscaping issues, such as overhanging trees and drainage
  • Roof integrity, including possible leaks and missing shingles

The home inspector will then provide a written report outlining what they examined and what needs fixing.

While such inspections can take 1-3 hours and cost between $500-$2,000, they’re important because they can save you costly repairs down the road.

Furthermore, knowing the condition of your home also helps when negotiating the price. For example, you can ask the seller to make certain repairs or take a lower offer.

Never hired a home inspector and don’t know where to start? No problem. I can recommend several.

Things To Do Before Buying Property: Hiring a Lawyer

You need a lawyer to complete every real estate purchase. Their job is to look for liens (if the property is held by another party due to debt), encroachments and easements.

Basically, does your future home violate any laws (eg. a fence on your neighbour’s property line).

The lawyer will then register the property under your name, giving you the title and legal ownership of the property.

Before hiring a lawyer, be sure to inquire about their fees. If you need help finding a lawyer, I can recommend some.

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