Living at the Thompson Residences – 629 King Street


Thompson Residences on King Street – 629 King Street

Thompson Residences on King Street

Thompson Residences on King Street


This morning after my workout I wanted to get a coffee at Jimmy’s coffee but the lineup was huge! Ended up making my coffee at home…spend the whole day cleaning up my condo. Living at the Thompsons residences is so easy…My building is going to have room service, spa services, dog wash services. What else would I need when life is made so easy? I use to own all these things that I wouldn’t need when I lived in a house, but living in a condo is all about lifestyle living and also being a minimalist. Like I have have said before, living down here is also like living in the life of the party. It took me 10 seconds to get to EFS and obviously the after party is at my house…


Living in the entertainment district is just more than partying and night clubs. It’s about living a simple lifestyle and having a sense of community. You can check out my you tube video that talks about the community. Click the link here.



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